2016- Present

Persisters is an ongoing series of large-scale portrait paintings representing trailblazing women in their pursuit of justice. The women featured are modern, complex, and as tenacious as they are valiant, challenging the present political climate with renewed energy in this particularly arduous time for women.

Hillary Clinton was the original inspiration for the series when she became the first female democratic candidate for President of the United States in 2016. This portrait began the series simply as a celebration of the achievements of a particular woman. But as the set of Persisters paintings has grown, I also want to represent the women as the multi faceted leaders they are by focusing on the psychological aspects of each woman while recognizing their courageous stance in the modern political sphere. As a whole, the series approaches politics from a humanitarian angle, which I feel is inherently female.

I make large-scale formal portraits in an effort to magnify and honor the endeavors and accomplishments of these female champions in the way that white men have been revered for theirs throughout the history of portraiture. Each portrait serves the purpose of keeping these women prominent and recognized, but also represents my own personal navigation through the modern political climate.