June 21-July 3, 2014
Reception June 28, 7-10pm

Kobalt Gallery
303 Commercial Street Provincetown, MA

Jo Hay Milk and Blood, 2013 36x36"


In the middle : not completely one thing and not completely the other thing

“My work is figurative, always in series, and deals with sexuality and identity. Currently I’m seeking to paint human heads that appear male and female simultaneously. Fascinated by the mysterious middle ground between the two sexes, I want to probe our psychological and sexual perception of others.

These paintings are not portraits of specific people. They are pieced together from photographs, paintings, and life. I strive to make dynamic compositions of distinctly individual marks that work as a whole. Similarly, paint layering and thickness is constantly considered. And while wanting a strong sense of anatomical form, the patchwork nature of these composites allows me to push some areas to become more abstract, making the structure appear to dissolve and resolve with the question of gender”. 

-Jo Hay